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Female Cialis

Having sex is the need of every person. Major of the people do not face any difficulty regarding their sexual activity. Those people who are facing sexual problems in their life go to the doctor for their treatment. Doctors recommend them some medicines for the treatment of sexual problems. There are different sexual diseases which are faced by people. Like erectile dysfunction in men, women face the problem of sexual dysfunction. In this problem, the woman no longer can enjoy sex due to lack of libido and orgasm. What can she do to have sex like a normal woman? There are many medicines which are being sold in market for this purpose. Many scientists are still working to make new medicines which have fewer side effects. Now days, female Cialis is the only medicine which is being used by women for sexual dysfunction treatment.

What happens when a woman becomes the victim of sexual dysfunction? Due to this problem, the blood flow through pelvic region of body becomes low which further decreases the sexual desire of women. The main cause of decreasing blood flow is the depression due to family and financial problem. Those women who face these problems regularly become the victim of sexual dysfunction. Besides this, there are many other causes due to which a woman can face this sexual problem. In these causes diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer are present. By using female Cialis before the sexual activity, a woman can get back her libido and orgasm easily. She can have sex like a normal woman after the use of female Cialis.

Female Cialis is one of those medicines which are easily available in market. This medicine is sold at cheap rate even a normal person can buy it easily. Female Cialis is considered the best medicine for the treatment of both erectile dysfunction and sexual dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is the sexual problem in men in which the affected person loses his erection. On the other side, sexual dysfunction is a sexual problem in women in which the affected woman loses her libido and orgasm. Besides this, she can also lose the lubrication of her vagina.

Like other medicines, female Cialis has many side effects. Some side effects are common while some are less common. In common side effects headache, diarrhea, dizziness, upset stomach, stuffy nose, flushing and blurred vision are present. More than 15% users of female Cialis face these side effects. To avoid these side effects, you must talk to your doctor. He will use his knowledge to guide you about its use. Besides common side effects, less common side effects are also the part of female Cialis. In these side effects vomiting, hypertension, numbness, depression and cough are present. Approximately 5-7% of the total users of female Cialis face these less common side effects.

Female Cialis medicine is sold in three different doses i.e. 20 mg 10 mg. Most of the people use 20 mg and 10 mg doses of female Cialis for the treatment of their sexual problem. Weak people go for the use of 20 mg while healthy people go for the use of 10 mg and 20 mg.